Fitel Lightfinder – Single Mode And Ribbon Fiber identifier


This Fitel fiber identifier works on a single-mode ribbon, 900µm tight buffer, 1.6mm cable, 3.0mm cable, and optional 2mm cable (all single-mode).

Just insert the fiber into the top of the unit which performs a super low insertion loss macro-bending to detect the presence of light and the direction of light.

Product Specs:

  • Works with up to 12 fiber ribbon 250µm single fiber.
  • Detector sensitivity: Ribbon: -38dBm, 900µm tight buffer: -33dBm, 1.6~3mm jacket: -26dBm (all @1550nm)
  • Insertion Loss:
    Ribbon: 0.1dB@1310nm, 1.0dB@1550nm
    900µm tight buffer: 0.1dB@1310nm, 0.5dB@1550nm
    1.6~3mm Jacket: 0.1dB@1310nm, 0.5dB@1550nm
  • Detection Tone Frequency: 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz
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