We teach and use the basic Carbide Fiber Optic Scribe, and the Fiber Optic Field Cleaver in our classes. The “Beaver” Cleaver, so called because of its flexible, flat, beaver-like, v-groove fiber rest, is suitable for use with quick-term connectors and optimal for mechanical splicing. The score and snap function is easy to use and preferred by many installers. One needs to be taught how to use this tool properly.

The Carbide Fiber Optic Scribe is easy to use, inexpensive, and when cared for, will provide the trained technician with several thousand, high quality hand scribes. But, if you have not been properly trained on it’s use, then you need to be given some direction. The blade is a 30 degree blade which means the tool MUST approach and score the fiber at a 90 degree angle.

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