Deluxe Optical Cleaning Kit with 200x Heavy Duty Inspection Scope


This deluxe Fiber Connector Cleaning Kit provides a selection of fiber optic cleaning products for use on connector endfaces on jumpers, and through bulkhead adapters. Both wet and dry cleaning products are offered to effectively clean connectors, maximizing network performance. Contained in a small hand held style duffel bag, this fiber cleaning kit includes FCC2 cleaning fluid, One-Click fiber cleaners for SC, ST, FC, LC and MU connectors, FiberWipes and a Cletop SB.

Also included in this kit is a Fiber Inspection Microscope that provides 200X optical magnification for inspection of 2.5mm fiber patch cords – ST, SC and FC connectors. This Rugged Dual-Illumination Fiber Optic Scope offers 2 LEDs – one for standard coaxial illumination providing a view of fiber end face contamination or scratches; and the second for oblique illumination which hits the fiber at an angle to clearly view the fiber core for contamination. Included laser filter helps prevent eye damage.

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