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Fiber Optic Test Set
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Fitel S178 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
OTDR Tool Kits
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Instructor and Veteran, Bob
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OWLTrek Mini OTDR Series
OTDR Central!
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else.  From Hand-Helds
to Ruggedized Units,
FOT is your source.
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Fitel Fusion Splicers -
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Tester Man Multimode Tool Kit
FOT Termination/Testing Kits
Contain what you need, not what you don't
need to get the job done!
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Options with Test Leads and Adapters:
  • Singlemode
  • Multimode
  • Multimode/Singlemode Combo
  • Stand Alone Test Lead Kits
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PON Optical Power Meter          
Actual Hands-On Training
BDI Datalynk, LLC
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Fiber Optics Technician Training
  • Retired Verizon Instructors
  • Master Instructors Certified by the FOA
  • Offered at over 25 Campuses Nationwide
  • Onsite Scheduling Available
  • Now Recognized By US Department of Labor
  • Real-World Training Environment
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Technician Training
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Questions? Ask the Owner.
Bob Ballard
Master Fiber Optics Instructor
Certifed by the
Ph: 512-785-9024
Bob Ballard
Because we believe in KSA's -

Knowledege, Skills, and Abilitites,
BDI Datalynk, LLC is sanctioned by the Fiber Optic
Association (FOA),
the largest Professional Society of Fiber Optics in the world.
NOT electronics (ETA) people, but fiber optics (FOA) people.
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Got IckyPic
on Your
OTDR's are worthless
without them!
Tester Man Multimode Tool Kit
FOT "UniTest" Test Kits
These" Universal MM/SM test kits
provides the technician with the basic
tools necessary to test installed
multimode AND singlemode cable plants.
Go take a look!
P/N: UT-001MM/SM

Provides Precision Visual Fault Locator, Adapters,
Power Source and Light Meter, 400X Scope and
wipes for most SM and MM Fiber Network Testing.  
Additional Power Meter options are avaialbe.
Bob Ballard
Bob Ballard, Vietnam Veteran,
Owner, Scuba Diver, FOA Master
Instructor, Treasure Hunter
Are you having trouble "seeing the light"?

Check out these great headlamps.  With or without Bezel Switch, these great headlamps brings much
needed light to your fiber optics project.  You have to be able to see the fiber to work with the fiber.  Why do
it in the dark?
Remember - Gear up BEFORE you show up.  Let us show you how!
Fiber Optic Test Set
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Tester Man Multimode Tool Kit
Fiber Optics Inspection Scopes
These kits contain,
adapters, launch
cables, wipes, Safety
Glasses, Scope, and,
of course, the
enclosed in a durable
Click HERE to Order.
BDS-HL452 High Intensity LED Headlight
PON - 2M Optical Power Meter