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Doctor Fiber
2.5mm Universal Adapter
2.5mm universal port (U2.5-4)              

This port allows connection to
connectors (Power Meters) with 2.5mm
ferrules, such as ST, SC, and FC.
1.25mm Universal Adapter
1.25mm universal port (U1.25-4)

This port allows connection to connectors (Power Meter) with
1.25mm ferrules, such as LC, MU, and other SFF connectors.
Made In USA.
OWL optical power meters take advantage of a flexible universal connector port system which allows multiple fiber optic connector styles to connect to the same port.
Fiber optic connector ferrules come in two common sizes: 2.5mm (for ST, SC, FC, etc.) or 1.25mm (LC, MU, and other SFF connectors). A universal adapter cap is
available for each ferrule size.  What gives our universal port its flexibility is that only the ferrule is inserted into the port. Since there is no latching mechanism to speak
of, most connectors can connect to this port as long as the ferrule size matches the adapter cap.

Each cap is designed so that once the ferrule is completely inserted, the cone of acceptance from a fiber connector falls completely onto the photodetector,
regardless of how the connector may turn, twist, or wiggle in the port. Because of this, you can be assured that the optical power reading will always be accurate.  By
allowing connection to multiple connector types, OWL’s universal port method minimizes costs and maintenance requirements
OWL Zone Boxes
Launch Cables/Zone Boxes
OWL Launch Cable Suggestion
Reflections caused by connector interfaces “blind” OTDRs for a short period of time. The period
of time it takes for an OTDR to recover from this “blindness” is are unable to distinguish one
anomaly (e.g. breaks, shatters, bends, or even another connector) from another.

OTDR launch cables, or dead-zone boxes, placed at near-end patch panels allow the OTDRs
detector port sufficient time to recover from its blindness. Dead zone boxes also enable the
OTDR to measure the relative loss through the near-end and far-end patch panels (see diagram

Without a sufficiently long launch cable, the reflection from the near-end patch panel will be
undetectable because it is within the dead-zone caused by the OTDR port. Likewise, at the far-
end, lack of a dead-zone box will prevent the OTDR from measuring the relative loss through the
far-end patch panel.

In most cases, launch cables that are slightly longer than one kilometer are sufficient to account
for dead-zones on nearly all fiber links.  However, longer launch cables may be needed for long-
haul fiber optic links.

This ZoneBox is 1100 meters,
Singlemode w/SC/UPC Adapters.
(Patch Cables not included.)
Made In USA.

ZoneBox is 450 meters, 62.5/125
Multimode w/SC/UPC Adapters.
(Patch Cables not included.)
Made In USA.

ZoneBox is 450 meters, 50/125
Multimode w/SC/UPC Adapters.
(Patch Cables not included.)
Made In USA.
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OWL Download Cables
USB download cable  
These cables connect your meter to your PC for data download to OWL Reporter software.
OWL USB Download Cable
DB9 duplex download
OWL Carrying Cases
Small Hard-Shell Carrying Case
Holds any two pieces of OWL test
equipment, excluding the Fiber
OWL optical power meter (shown
here with KIT-M2-WSMDsc).
Medium Hard-Shell Carrying Case
Holds up to three pieces of OWL test
equipment (shown here with
Large Hard-Shell Carrying Case
Holds up to 4 pieces of OWL test
equipment (shown here with
Doctor Fiber

Patch cables connect directly to the OTDR and then to the cable under test to help in avoiding unnecessary back reflection at the
connector interfaces during the launch of the pulse.  To select "long" Launch cables, go
here.  Then give us a call at: 512-785-9024.
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