Micro OWL 2 Series Optical Power Meter
The Micro OWL 2 is one of the world’s smallest optical power meters to offer so
many features, including a 0.15 dB accuracy over its normal operating range.  
It is as feature-packed and accurate as optical power meters costing hundreds
of dollars more.  This combination of features, size, accuracy, and price make it
a tremendous value for the optical fiber professional.

The Micro OWL 2 is a high accuracy, high resolution, microprocessor
controlled, optical power meter.  It has a small hand-held case made from high
impact plastic, a back-lit, graphic, liquid crystal display, and 18-key keypad for
easy data entry.  It can be ordered with an integrated visual fault locator (in the
place of the battery charger).  The meter will operate for over 100 hours on a
standard 9v battery and has built-in automatic shutdown.
Key Benefits:

  • InGaAs photodetector  
  • 2.5mm / 1.25mm universal connector  
  • Multimode and singlemode ready  
  • NIST Traceable
  • Separate zero reference for each calibrated wavelength  
  • Small, hand-held size  
  • Ergonomic protective rubber boot  
  • Built-in Loss Wizard certifies fiber links against a myriad of national and
    international cabling standards  
  • Up to 1000 stored data points  
  • Serial Data Interface  
  • Free OWL Reporter Software  
  • Long battery life - over 100 hours on one alkaline 9v battery  
  • Large backlit LCD display allows accurate readings in dBm, dB, and
  • Battery life, stored data, temperature and power units indicator  
  • Versatile 18-keypad operation  
  • Measurement range: +5 to -70 dBm
  • Absolute accuracy: +/- 0.15 dB  
  • Resolution: 0.01dB  
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Micro OWL 2
Reads: 850, 980, 1300,
1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm
+5 to -60 dBm
Micro OWL 2 Power Meters
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OWL Catalog
Download OWL
Micro OWL w/  Built in VFL
+5 to -60
Data Sheets
10 Gig Optical Tester
Micro OWL 2 Test Kits
NOTE: for an additional 200.00, the charger port in the Micro OWL 2
series optical power meters can be replaced by a precision-coupled
visual fault locator port.  VFLs allow for convenient visual fault location
and fiber identification.  Click the image for more information.  When
ordering, be sure to indicate quantity.
photo at
right for
Micro OWL
2 Series
Test Kits
The Micro OWL 2 includes a built-in Fiber Loss Wizard that helps you easily calculate the
allowable loss for the fiber runs that you will be measuring.  The meter stores physical fiber
characteristics for eight different locations, or links.  This includes: link name, date, fiber
type, fiber length, connectors, splices, temperature, and calculated or entered reference
power values for three wavelengths.  In addition the meter will store up to 1000 measured
data points with labels. Each value includes the fiber type and link.  The stored information
can be selectively viewed, edited (measured again), printed, or deleted.  The meter will
print formatted reports of selected stored data directly using the built in serial port, or all of
the stored data can be downloaded to our free
OWL Reporter™ data management and
reporting software.
MicroOwl II with PCVFL
10Gig Certifier
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MIcro OWL 2 power meters come with a protective rubber boot, a 9-volt battery, NIST-traceable certificate of calibration,
download cable, and a CD-ROM containing product manuals and OWL Reporter software.
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OWL 2 optical power meter one of
the most popular Optical Power
meters on the market today!
M1010 Micro OWL 2 Optical Power Meter
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How To Place Orders:
4 Ways To Place Orders at Fiber Optic Tools
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2.) Via Email -
3.) Via Phone - (512) 785-9024
4.) Via Credit Card

Air Freight or Special Handling? NO WORRIES!
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