Cabling Installation & Preparation
Skinny Fingers
Skinny Fingers Heavy Duty Connector

Are your fingers to big? The Skinny Fingers Insertion/Extraction
Tool is capable of reaching into very tight spaces to perform
moves, adds and changes on virtually all rectangular or square
cross-section connectors, providing a positive grip on a connector
without damaging or otherwise disturbing adjacent fibers or
connectors. Get your glasses on and grab your "Skinny Fingers"
for those hard to reach fiber optics connectors.  
Cable Dispenser
Cable Dispenser
Cable Dispenser locks into an open position on padded,
anti-skid legs that cannot collapse.  A removable, 5/8" solid
spindle, capable of holding over 200lbs., allows for simple
installation of cable reels up to 25" in diameter and 16" in width.
Splice Tents
Splice Tents
Splice tents for outside field applications are made of tough urethane coated polyester
fabric.  We offer the standard splice tents and the new Space Saver splice tents.  The
Space Saver tents have the same sturdy design and dimensions as the standard
series except the front and back walls are vertical, rather than sloped.  Space Savers
have approximately 25% shorter folded length for storage and can be set over a cable
or pipe.
Mini-Term Anaerobic Termination Kit
Splice Tent (6' X 6') w/floor ----- $822.85

Splice Tent (8' X 8') w/floor ----- $1,178.57

Space Saver Splice Tent (6' X 6') w/o floor ----- $650.00

Space Saver Splice Tent (8' X 8') w/o floor ----- $907.14

Space Saver Splice Tent (10' X 8') w/o floor ----- $1,450.67
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Gopher Pole
Gopher Pole
This unit extends to an overall length of 22 feet
for safe movement of fiber optic cables.  Made of
durable lightweight non-conductive fiberglass,
this unit is easy to handle in confined spaces.

Cable Pulling Lube
Cable Pulling Lubricant

Techlube FO (fiber optic) pulling lubricant is a high performance, pourable liquid polymer that was
engineered to meet the special requirements of pulling innerduct, communications, coaxial and fiber optic
cables. Techlube has superior friction reduction capabilities that make it an excellent choice for long
distance and/or difficult placing applications.

Techlube dries slowly, leaving a thin film that will not "cement" the cable to the conduit. Techlube also
facilitates in removal or adjustment of the cable.  
1-Gallon Jug
Learn more about our tool kits HERE.
Heat Shrink MiniGun Kit
Portable Heat Gun Kit w/ variety pack
Variety Pack Refill (60 6” cut pieces)
A complete, compact kit that includes a lightweight, portable heat gun and a variety of multicolored heat shrinkable tubing
in six-inch cut pieces. Used for splicing, identification, cable repair.
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Fiber Optic Termination Tools - Advanced and Basic
Tracker II
With its inductive signal application, the Tracker II can be used on active or dead
pipes without having to deactivate the systems. High frequency transmitter provides
range up to 4000 feet (1219 m) and depths to 7 feet (2 m). The transmitter offers three methods
of connection: direct, inductive coupler, or inductive antenna.

Tracker II
Marker Mate
Electronic Marker Locator is designed to locate all brands of buried, electronic markers, including
the patented Tempo Omni Marker™, and Uni Marker™ sets an industry standard with the capability
of detecting all seven application-based electronic marker types simultaneously
Vacuum Puller
Vacuum Cable Puller
The 390 is a system designed to work in conjunction with a 392 or
with the use of conduit pistons that form a flexible seal in the
FOT-390 Li’l Fisher Vacuum/Blower Kit $655.88

FOT-392 Vacuum/Blower Accessory Kit $187.00
Pulling Lines
Cable Pulling Line
• Strong, lightweight nylon
• Center feed for fast payout without tangling. Use with Mighty Mouser
blow gun
• Mildew-resistant, can be pulled into the run with the wire to provide a
means to add wires later
FOT-595 2150’ Center Feed Fish Line $38.23

FOT-604 2200’ Outside Feed Fish Line $35.23

FOT 430 6500’ Poly Line $45.29

FOT-430-500 500’ Poly Line $8.82
Fiber Pull Tape
Polyester Pull Tape - 500 ft. Metal Spool
1,250 lbs.
Polyester Pull Tape - 1,000 ft. Wooden Reel
1,250 lbs.
This product is available with a silicone lubricant, which is comparable with the lubricant used in the manufacturing of
Innerduct, and greatly reduces the possibility of burn-through. The tapes are available with printed sequential footage
markings for accurate measurements. Also available in 3,000 & 5,000 ft. reels.
Tracer Tape
Tracertape™ is a functional product that is used for locating, pulling and measuring your duct and fiber. The
Tracertape incorporates a solid corrosion resistant copper conductor which provides easy detection. Also
available in 3,000 & 5,000 ft. reels. Call 512-785-9024, or email for double wire tracer tape. (not pictured)
FOT-WPT1250 3,000 ft. Single Wire Reel 1,250 lbs. $305.88
Pulling Grips
• Handy set gives you the size range you need
• Have the correct grip on the job and save time
Note:  Be sure the cable manufacturer allows pulling with jacket instead of the strength
member.  All fiber should be pulled with the strength unless otherwise allowed by the factory.
FOT-597 Diameter Range .75” - .199” Consists of 30576, 30578, 31010 $441.44

FOT-598 Diameter Range 1.50” - 2.99” consists of 31010, 30580, 31012 $512.88
Fishing Man
All Greenlee MagnumPRO fish tapes include such
new features as a rapid tape pay-out and rewind
mechanism to help speed up the movement of the fish
improved fishing ability. The MagnumPRO fish tapes
tape and a smaller fish eye with an offset bend for of
the remaining tape in the case and gives the
improved fishing ability. The MagnumPRO fish tapes
end-user the ability to remove job site debris quickly.
also come with a viewing port that allows for visibility
Each new rugged fish tape case in the MagnumPRO
line now comes with an advanced comfort handle that
provides an ergonomically-friendly grip to help reduce
fatigue. A 360-degree uniform grip surrounds the The
grip ridges on the flared case also help prevent
Flat Steel Fish Tape
Steel Fish Tape
FOT-438-2X 25’ x 1/4” Flat Steel $12.64

FOT-438-5H 50’ x 1/8” Steel Fish Tap $22.29

FOT-FTS438-125BP 125’ x 1/8” Steel Fish Tape $58.76

FOT-FTFT439-100 100’ x 3/16” Flexible Steel Fish Tape $152.88

FOT-FTFT540-100 100’ X .175” Fiberglass $207.00

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How To Place Orders:
4 Ways To Place Orders at Fiber Optic Tools
1.) Via PayPal - Authorized PayPal Account
2.) Via Email - [email protected]
3.) Via Phone - (512) 785-9024
4.) Via Credit Card

Air Freight or Special Handling? NO WORRIES!
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