FOT Hybrid Ceramic Singlemode 8.3/125um Patch Cords
Standard 8.3/125um
Singlemode Specifications
Maximum Loss:
Back Reflection:
ST - SC, 8.3/125 Duplex
Part Number             Length             Price Each
FOTS23528001M         1 Mtr.                           $10.40
FOTS23528002M         2 Mtr                            $11.27
FOTS23528003M         3 Mtr.                           $11.53
FOTS23528005M         5 Mtr                            $12.33
FOTS235280010M      10 Mtr.                          $14.67
ST-Sc Singlemode Patch Cords
ST-SC Singlemode Patch Cords
LC - SC, 8.3/125 Duplex
Part Number             Length             Price Each
FOTS23608001M         1 Mtr.                           $12.53
FOTS23608002M         2 Mtr                            $13.13
FOTS23608003M         3 Mtr.                           $13.47
FOTS23608005M         5 Mtr                            $14.27
FOTS236080010M      10 Mtr.                          $16.40
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