Multi-Quick Split Mid-Entry Tool
Mid Entry Tools
The Multi-Quick Split Buffer Tube Splitting Tool is designed to provide mid-entry access to buffer
tube cables.  This rugged hand held tool splits the buffer in two halves without disturbing the fiber
inside.  The Quick Split has a unique gauging system enabling a precise slit for 2.5mm and 3.0mm
cables.  Kit includes: two tools, extra blades and a an allen wrench.
Multi-Quick Split Kit $650.00
Multi-Quick Replacement Blades (4) $5.95
Cable Cutters
Cable Cutters
The High Leverage Basic Unit is ideal for cutting cable up to 70mm in diameter.  It is also
great for that copper stuff too, such as: standard power, coaxial, and non-armored
cables.  The Ratcheting Cutter is great for aluminum armor but not intended for ACSR
(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) cable.
Basic Unit Cutter $99.95
Fully Ratcheting Cable Cutter
for up to 35mm Cable
ACS Armored Cable Slitter
"I once saw a technician trying to get the armor off
some cable with his own cable cutters which were
a hacksaw and a pair of snips.  He must of
thought he was trying to open a can of soup."
Armored Cable Slitter
Armored Cable Slitter Adjustable from 8 - 28.6mm Cable O.D. $143.12
Replacement Blade $45.43
Fiber Optic Cable Entry Tools
Grey Buffer Tube Splitter (For Fiber Tubes and Small O.D. Distribution Fiber)     
These Buffer Tube Strippers made by IDEAL with adjustable blades can be set for any depth to help
assure nick-free jacket entry from simplex fiber to specifications on a variety of fiber optic cable up to 1/8
inch diameter. Loose tube fiber demands a precision tool capable of cutting different buffer tube
diameters without nicking the enclosed fiber. Take the spare blades off and keep one on the unit. Store
them where you can find them later - like in a plastic soap dish along with your Strain Relief repair tools -
a razor blade and super glue.  
Buffer Tube Splitters
Jacket Stripper   

Cut and strip jackets from simplex fiber cables. The dual "V" notch in this fiber optic cable stripper blade
allows the quick removal of jacket material. Additional features include plier nose, cushion grip and spring
release making this a COOL TOOL indeed.  
Jacket Stripper
Miller Cable Bi-Directional Splitter
w/Rotatable Blade
Bi-Directional Jacket Slitter
This tool is ideal for removing the jacket from most cables.  This is a manually operated tool designed
for fast, safe, and precise jacket removal of PE, PVC and rubber jacketed cables.  Unit A (shown), is
designed to strip cables from 4.5mm to 29mm diameter.  Unit B is designed to strip cables from 19mm
to 40mm diameter.
Unit A
Unit B
FOT Quick Reference Guide
Replacement Blade (Both Units)
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Tiger Pliers
6 Inch Tiger Side Cutters
6 Inch Side Cutting Pliers
The six inch side cutting pliers feature 1” cutting head for flush cutting, dual color cushioned handles and
are manufactured of hardened steel.
Needle Nose Pliers
The long nose pliers are six inches in length with a two-inch head length. Pliers feature built-in cutter,
serrated jaws, dual-color cushioned handles and are made of hardened steel.
Lineman's Pliers
The lineman’s pliers are available in six or eight inch overall length. Manufactured of hardened steel, these
6” Heavy Duty Lineman’s Plier
(1 1/8” plier head length)  
8” Heavy Duty Lineman’s Plier (1 1/2”
plier head length)
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Utility Knife
• Over molded for secure, comfortable grip
• Retractable three-position blade for safety and convenience
• Easy front-loading design provides for quick blade change
• Blade storage in pop-up holder
• Packaged with three heavy-duty blades
Utility Knife

P/N: FOT0652-11 Utility Knife $9.85

P/N: FOT 9952-11 Replacement Blades
(5pk) $3.95
Miller Cable Mid-Entry Tool
The Miller MSAT Mid-Span Access Tool can quickly and easily access fibers in 2, 2.5 and 3mm buffer tubes in a
mid-span location without fiber damage. The tool design incorporates buffer tube size gages on the tool body for ease
of selecting proper tube splitting channel. All blades are precisely factory mounted in tube slitting channels with no
adjustment required by the installer
Fitel CS201 Cable Sheath Stripper
The need for fast Mid-Span Access to the fiber cable core is very important for the rapid growing
FTTX market. The CS201is a tool which can perform mid span sheath stripping reliably, easily, and
Fitel CS201 Cable Sheath Stripper
Fitel S210 Buffer Stripper
Fitel S210 Buffer Stripper
The FITEL S210 Single Fiber Stripper is designed to strip 0.25 mm as well as 0.9 mm
diameter fiber. This easy to use stripper has a 20 mm wide base with the blade
located in the center to ensure safe longitudinal stripping.
Vietnam Veteran-Owned Small Business

Miller MSAT P/N: 80785
Blade (1 set)
Drop Cable Slitter
Drop Cable
The FOTFOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter is a patent pending tool that simplifies the slitting of
drop  cable jackets at the end of the cable or mid-span.  The FOTFOD-2000 puts a slit on both sides of
the jacket allowing easy access to  the fiber or strength member.
PART #                          DESCRIPTION                 PRICE
FOTFOD-2000                 Drop Cable Slitter                 $46.00
Jonard - Buffer Stripper -  The Jonard JIC-375. 3-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper removes 1.6-3mm fiber jacket
down to the 600-900µm buffer coating using the first hole. The second hole strips the 600-900µm buffer coating
down to the 250µm coating while the third hole is used to strip the 250µm cable down to the 125µm glass fiber.
All three holes operate without nicking or scratching the fiber. All common fiber stripping functions are
combined into one Fiber Optic Stripper measuring 6" in length.
Beginning January 1, 2015 they will be
included in ALL of our Termination Kits.
Jonard Buffer Stripper
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Bob Ballard
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How To Place Orders:
4 Ways To Place Orders at Fiber Optic Tools
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2.) Via Email -
3.) Via Phone - (512) 785-9024
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