Fiber Optics Attenuators
FC Fiber Optics Attenuator
SC Fiber Optics Attenuator
FOT Male-to-Female Fiber Optics Attenuators contain doped
fiber suitable for both 1310nm and 1550nm operation.  Fixed
attenuation values are available in 1db increments for 1 to 20db.
Non-Woven Dry Wipes, 1,200 per pack (4"X4")    

Fiber Optic Wipes provide superior cleaning of fiber optic connector ferrules without risk of
scratching. The non-woven material similar to the material used in connector cleaners delivers
an economical solution for cleaning fiber optic connectors. These wipes are used in all of the
BDI DataLynk Fiber Optics classes. If Kim Wipes don't do it - these will!
Dry Wipes
$35.71 Per Pack
Cletop Automatic Connector Cleaner    
These will clean a fiber connector faster than you can say "copperhead".  They will also
prevent you from spilling your alcohol - because none is required.
Don't Forget the Wipes!

If you want to do the job right, use Non-Woven Dry Wipes or a CleTop  If you use Kim Wipes, they have  a
tendency to come apart AND it also leaves residue which is bad news for singlemode connectors.
MU Fiber Optics Attenuator
LC Fiber Optics Attenuator
ST Fiber Optics Attenuator
FOT Bulkhead Attenuators utilize a wavelength sensitive neutral density filter to
achieved attenuation.  Available in 5, 10, 15, and 20DB values.  Select from
1310nm or 1550nm options.
FC Bulkhead Fiber Optics Attenuators
SC Bulkhead Fiber Optics Attenuator
SC Bulkhead Fiber Optics Attenuator
Variable Fiber Optics Attenuator
The variable attenuator from FOT uses collimater lens technology enabling the user the
ability to change attenuation by .5dB increments through the twist of a top mounted screw.
  • Simulate the loss in a fiber system, testing your system’s dynamic range or with a
    power meter and light source to help determine the fixed attenuation value your
    system requires.  
  • The attenuator has a 0.8dB insertion loss, is available in a 2 meter length, and may be
  • Attenuation range: 0.8dB to 80dB
  • A low back reflection style is prepared with ultra PC connectors maintaining the
    internal low back reflection characteristics.
Air Gap Variable Fiber Optics Attenuator
This Air-Gap variable attenuator has a ceramic alignment sleeve that provides a low
insertion loss of .15dB and can be used on both multimode and singlemode
  • Included tool provides ability to increase attenuation level to desired dB.
  • Device may replace mating sleeve at the patchpanel, enabling variable
    attenuation levels to be introduced to the system.
  • Attenuation range is 0dB to 20dB depending on light source.
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